Manukota will be repeated at Siricilla: TRS








Photo: TRS activists burn a effigy of YS Vijayamma at Siricilla

YSR Congress party’s latest attempt to seek a foothold in Telangana region is surely going to be another bitter experience for that party. Telangana activists and TRS party cadre are now getting ready to show a taste of Telangana anger to this Seemandhra party.

YS Vijayamma, the honorary president of YSR Congress party is planning to hold a “Chenetha Deeksha” at Siricilla on 23rd July. The party claims it is taking up this program to highlight weavers problem, but the real intentions of the party is to try and expand its base in Telangana region.

In spite of repeated requests from Telangana activists, the YSR Congress leadership continues to be evasive about the party’s stand on statehood issue. Angered by this callous behavior, Telangana JAC and TRS leaders have appealed the people of the region to teach a fitting lesson to the Seemandhra leaders, who are forcibly trying to enter Telangana.

TRS MLA from Siricilla K. Tarakarama Rao said that it was during late YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s regime that over 250 weavers had committed suicide in and around Sircilla. TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram also asked the people of Telangana to stop all Seemandhra leaders, without a clear stand on Telangana, from entering the region.

TRS youth wing TRSV has been holding several protest programs in all Telangana districts demanding YS Vijayamma to spell out her party’s stand on statehood issue.

The situation in Siricilla is tense as Telangana activists are vowing to repeat Manukota if YSRC party does not cancel their program. TRS has given a bandh call on 23rd July and is gearing up for a massive showdown.

Observers say that the state government should intervene immediately and stop YS Vijayamma’s tour and prevent any untoward incident.

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