Is it the serial ‘Operation 2014’ again?

By: J R Janumpalli

As the Presidential election coming to an end and the victory of Pranab Kumar Mukherjee is ensured the Congress party is changing the tack of their tactics. The flurry of confabulations with all and sundry in A.P. and the orchestrated gesticulations of the T-Congress and A-Congress slowly peter away, as the UPA candidate gains strength from the challenge of the opposition. The presidency in their kitty, the Congres party now targets next parliamentary session. It will not be difficult to find another decoy for these eternal double dealers. Our T-Congress-MP ‘bevakoof’ cheer-brigade is ever ready to canvass for the new decoy. We will have to continue to watch the episodes of Sonia’s soap opera the ‘Operation 2014’.

The by election blues are vanishing away. The behind the scene parleys on the run up to presidential election by Jagan and the party seems to have some mutual mellowing effect. Now the CBI is not as enthusiastic on Jagan as it was before by-elections. It is not showing much interest in the ministers named by Supreme Court either. The government also decides to extend legal assistance to the ministers. Although CBI is subject to the scrutiny of courts, it is quite apparent that it can manipulate the investigation to a large extent as per the desire of Central government. If the Jagan factor is coming under control, Congress party can feel that there is no urgency for it to act on Telangana. Their original plan to take it to 2014 is still an option to them. What happens to the state is the least botheration to Sonia and her coterie. Their schizophrenia about 2014, making Rahul Gandhi PM and their implied importance of large no.of MPs from Andhra Congress is very well known.

Now let us ponder about the matters on this side of the line. TRS abstained from voting in the presidential election. That is good. Because, besides Congress Party going back on its statement in the parliament, Pranab Mukherjee was the chief architect of post 9,December 2009 volteface of Congress party. There is nothing undemocratic about it, as alleged by some Congress serfs. It is a democratic protest against undemocratic behavior of Congress party and Pranab Mukherjee in taking back the declaration of Telangana state in the Parliament. But, the alleged opinion of KCR, that Congress will give Telangana in 3 months and there is no need for intensifying the agitation, at this stage is very foolhardy. We all know the antecedents of Congress party, especially Sonia Gandhi’s style of functioning. As its wont, Congress Party is opting out to play its negative politics of making up with Jagan and taking the issue to 2014, rather than playing positive and solve the problem of Telangana once for all. YSRCP is also trying to spread its tentacles in to Telangana.

TJAC though wants to intensify the agitation, indulges in rhetoric and wants to give a long rope to Congress party by postponing the action to September 30. Giving respite to Congress to wriggle out of tight corners, would be dissipating the realization of Telangana State. We cannot afford it. A feeling of a despondency and a disquiet are growing in the minds of telangana activists that TRS and TJAC are not putting up an united front, as before and the agitation is being taken towards 2014 . All along our strength had been the desire of our people for Telangana State born out of their angst, TJAC and its constituent JACS and TRs middle-level leadership. They have together made the campaign and the elections in Telangana a resounding success. But of late TJAC and TRS seems to be losing appetite for agitation. Laying too much stress on political strategy alone can make to lose steam on the momentum of agitation.

TJAC is hamstrung by its lack of formal authority on its constituents. Its inability to resolve the spat between TRS and BJP created problems. BJP’s over enthusiasm to increase its seats at the cost of TRS in TJAC was the major problem. Because of that, TRS trying to undermine TJAC will be unwise. Both of them do well if they act together. There is synergy in their combination. People also keep more faith in their combine. Their drifting apart at this crucial time will definitely harm ‘Telangana Movement’. 2014 would be too dicey for Telangana. If we do not get Telangana before 2014, we have to start it all-over again and it can become more difficult. It is apparent that our opposition wants to take us there just for that reason. Let us hope that TJAC and TRS will realize this in the next few days and undertake a strong joint program to force Congress party to act decisively for Telangana in the coming Parliament Session.
There is a possibility of Congress party having truck with TRS in Telangana and YSRCP in Seemandhra and grant Telangana. But Andhra Congress may not like this. Any ways Congress should grant Telangana in 2013, if it has to be believed.KCR might have got some messages in the aftermath of June by-elections from some Congress quarters but they are mere writings on the water. Who knows Congress duplicity better than him? For, we all know by this time that without the sword of peoples’ wrath on their neck Congress will not yield Telangana. We will have to recreate the situation that has forced the declaration in the Parliament, to get our State. Nothing short of it will make these goons to act. Better do it before 2014 to end this diabolic ‘soap opera’.

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