Mission Telangana

Manmohan Singh Statement

PM’s statement to the media after the All-Party Meeting called by the Speaker

“This is going to be the last session of the Fifteenth Lok Sabha. There is important legislation which is pending for approval by Parliament. There is important legislation relating to anti-corruption measures. There is important legislation with regard to Women’s Reservation Bill. There is important business concerning the control of communal violence. I sincerely hope that Parliament, in its wisdom, will transact the essential business which is the primary concern of any legislature in a Parliamentary democracy. And, of course, there is the vital issue of Telangana. We will be bringing a Bill in Parliament for its approval and I sincerely hope that after a long debate extending over many years, the House will, in its wisdom, be able to transact the business and pass the Bill relating to the creation of the state of Telangana.”

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