KTR Arrested. Vijyamma faces Telangana heat

Latest Updates:

– YS Vijayamma concludes her Chenetha deeksha within 90 minutes of starting it.







– Rahimunnisa, a Telangana activist who was protesting from a van top, attacked by a YSRCP Gooda. Rahimunnisa grievously injured as she is pushed down from the van by the YSRCP gooda.

– Seemandhra goondas attack women activists who are protesting at dharna site

– Several people injured in lathicharge at Siricilla dharna site. Situation tense

– Siricilla Dharna site resounding with slogans by Telangana protesters

– Eggs and chappals hurled at YS Vijayamma’s convoy at Siricilla

– Lathicharge at Siricilla. Several students and women thrashed.

– YSRCP convoy reaches Siricilla outskirts. Thousands of people gather. Police stop the convoy due to security reasons

– TRS MLAs sit on a dharna in front of CM Chamber demanding action against police officials who ordered the attack on Telangana Bhavan and also stop Vijayamma’s Siricilla Deeksha

– Convoy stopped at Jakkapur near Siddipet by villagers

– Traffic comes to a standstill on Siddipet – Siricilla road

– Police use rubber bullets against protesting Telangana activists

– Villagers obstruct the convoy near Chinna Kodur.  Police fire tear gas to disperse people

– Situation turns tense at Siddipet. Telanganites show chappals and hurl stones at YSRCP convoy. 6 vehicles damaged.

– Telanganites obstruct Vijayamma’s convoy at Siddipet X Roads

– Situation tense as Vimalakka and other Telangana artists arrested at Deeksha site in Siricilla

– Rasta-Roko at Duddeda. Several Telanganites arrested

– Protests at several place in Telangana against police attack on Telangana Bhavan. Activists burn effigies of YS Vijayamma

– YS Vijayamma’s convoy increases to 1000 vehicles. Police stop her convoy near Kukunoorpally in Medak district. They say only a few vehicles would be allowed.



Video grab of YSRCP’s convy


Video grab of police attack on Telangana Bhavan


Photo: Thousands of people who attended the Dhoom Dhaam at Siricilla yesterday in protest against YS Vijayamma’s tour

Siricilla resembles a volcano ready to erupt anytime. TRS MLA K. Tarakarama Rao was arrested today morning  and was kept under house arrest. Thousands of activists were arrested in 10 districts of Telangana. Among the leaders who were arrested were TRS MLAs including Harish Rao, Warangal TRS convenor Peddi Sudarshan Reddy, TRS Ex MLA Peddi Sudarshan Reddy.

In Hyderabad, the city police showed their over enthusiasm when they attacked the Telangana Bhavan in Jubilee Office. Police then barged into some rooms in Telangana Bhavan and tried to arrest a few party activists. Irate TRS activists severely resisted the police and the police resorted to indiscriminate lathicharge.

TRS spokes person Jagadeeshwar Reddy condemned this attack. He said it was illegal to enter a party office without permission.

Meanwhile, turning a deaf ear to Telangana activists’ plea to make clear YSRCP’s stand on Telangana issue, the party honorary president YS Vijayamma started to Siricilla with a convoy of about 100 cars filled with goondas from Rayalaseema.

He convoy is being provided complete protection by state police. Approximately 5000 armed police are being used to provide escort to YS Vijayamma’s tour.

Telangana activists have already started showing the taste of Telangana anger to YSRCP goondas. Vijayamma’s convoy was met with severe resistance at Alwal, and Thumkunta, where local activists obstructed it.


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