Telangana shows what it means to YS Vijaya & co

Those visuals will remain etched in every Telanganite’s memory forever – The sight of a Seemandhra goonda pushing down noted Telangana activist Rahimunnisa who was standing atop a jeep and showing her sandal to YSRCP president YS Vijayalakshmi.

The symbolism was stark. It showed how a strong Seemandhra has been pushing down Telangana all these years.




















A Seemandhra goonda pushing Rahimunnisa down from the jeep (photo by JanamSakshi)

The incident also showcased the undying spirit of Telangana. It showed how ordinary people from Telangana raise to the occasion and hold the Telangana flag high. Not long ago we  have seen how a young girl named Krishnaveni gave a tight slap on the face of Seemandhra TDP folks.

Yesterday, the people of Telangana have shown what it takes for a Seemandhra leader to step on Telangana soil. From Hyderabad to Siricilla, YS Vijayamma’s travel was met with stiff resistance.  A 5000 strong police force could not stop the determined Telangana activists, who ensured that the Seemandhra goondas had a good dose of rotten eggs, sandals, and stones.


The Congress government, which has entered into a tacit understanding with YSRCP has made elaborate arrangements for the Siricilla Deeksha, In an unprecedented move, the state police used a helicopter to provide security cover to YSRCP deeksha. Over 3000 activists across Telangana were taken into preventive custody. From Adilabad to Nalgonda, every Telangana activist was rounded up. Inspite of this crackdown, Telangana activists have heroically obstructed the entry of Seemandhra goondas.

Police had to fire rubber bullets, and tear gas at several places to make way for YS Vijaya’s convoy. In fact media reported that the police vehicles literally were clearing and securing the road just like an advance military convoy does in a war.

In the end it was a war.

Telangana has replied back YSRCP’s latest attack with force. Ordinary people took extraordinary risks to ensure that no Seemandhra goonda has a free passage in Telangana.

YSRCP president could not stay in Siricilla for more than one hour. People on the dias had a tough time protecting their president from a volley of eggs, chappals and stones. The fact that 40 vehicles in her convoy were damaged shows the intensity of the resistance of Telangana people.




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