KCR advises BRS leaders to focus on social media

The BRS Party President KCR has advised his party leaders to focus on social media by actively engaging with the people on a day-to-day basis. KCR made this suggestion while addressing the BRS Party leaders at Telangana Bhavan on Thursday.

Today, KCR handed over B-forms to the MP candidates contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and discussed the party’s campaign strategy to win the maximum number of seats in the parliamentary polls. KCR said that leaders should diligently follow social media and post regular updates on their accounts.

He added that party members should engage with farmers in the ongoing postcard movement and post those pictures and videos on social media platforms. KCR instructed the party leaders to make the best use of social media to expose the Congress and the BJP.

According to sources, KCR is planning road shows at two to three important locations in every parliamentary constituency. He is also expected to inspect the dried crops and meet farmers.

The BRS Party is also planning to organize two huge public meetings in Siddipet and Warangal.