People fed up with Congress misrule, says KCR

In a meeting held at the party headquarters, BRS party president KCR asked support for the BRS candidates contesting in the upcoming parliamentary elections. In his speech, KCR highlighted critical issues plaguing Telangana, including concerns surrounding irrigation, drinking water, and electricity.

He vehemently criticized the inefficiency of the incumbent Congress government, questioning the sudden emergence of basic issues. KCR attributed these issues to the Congress party’s disregard for the welfare of the people and the farmers, driven by a culture of negligence.

Expressing anger, KCR denounced the Congress government’s failure to fulfill promises and its deceptive practices. He called upon BRS leaders to mobilize on these issues, emphasizing the party’s commitment to addressing farmers’ grievances and exerting pressure on the government through various mediums.

KCR also admonished the Congress government for its inability to implement the BRS government’s grain procurement policy, resulting in severe repercussions for farmers.

Further, KCR voiced concern over the BJP’s alleged conspiracy to divert Godavari river waters away from Telangana, emphasizing that such actions threaten the state’s interests. He asserted that only the BRS party can safeguard Telangana’s river waters and urged the public to support BRS candidates unequivocally.

KCR emphasized the need for widespread awareness regarding the Congress party’s false promises. He urged supporters to utilize social media and other platforms to articulate reasons for opposing the BJP and advocating for BRS.

KCR announced plans for a statewide bus tour to engage with constituents, address their concerns, and garner support for BRS. Additionally, funds have been allocated to bolster the legal cell. 

At the meeting, KCR distributed B-forms to BRS MP candidates contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.