Ahead of Lok Sabha polls, Congress facing discontent from Telangana farmers

As the Lok Sabha elections draw closer, the Congress party finds itself embroiled in mounting tensions as farmers voice their discontent over unfulfilled promises and agricultural woes. The government’s failure to fulfill key promises made during the assembly elections has sparked skepticism among farmers, who now question the sincerity of the party’s intentions.

During the assembly elections, the Congress made a slew of promises, including a Rs. 500 per quintal bonus for crops, a Rs. 2 lakh loan waiver before December 9, Rythu Bharosa assistance of Rs. 15,000 per acre, and assurances of crop procurement at support prices, among others. However, these commitments remain largely unfulfilled, leaving farmers aggrieved.

The excuse of the election code hindering the implementation of these promises has been met with skepticism by farmers, who argue that the government had sufficient time post-election to act. The delay in addressing critical agricultural issues, such as irrigation water shortages and crop failures, has further fueled resentment among farming communities, who draw comparisons between the current administration and the previous rule under KCR.

CM Revanth Reddy and Agriculture Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao, are now engaged in damage control efforts, pledging to fulfill the promises such as loan waiver after the elections.  However, farmers remain skeptical and the growing opposition from farming communities poses a significant challenge to the Congress party’s electoral prospects.