Karimnagar welcomes CPI Poru Yatra

CPI’s Telangana Poru Yatra received huge response from the people of Karimnagar. It passed through Husnabad, Mulkanur, Elkaturthi, Huzurabad, Sankarapatnam and reached Karimnagar. Public meetings were organized at Husnabad, Huzurabad and Karim Nagar towns in which thousands of Telangana activists, JAC representatives participated.


The Poru Yatra continued inspite of heavy rains. In Husnabad TRS LP leader and MLA Eetela Rajendar welcomed the Poru Yatra amidst loud cheers from the people.  Eetela Rajendar showered praise on CPI secretay K Narayana for his commitment towards Telangana in spite of he himself hailing from Seemandhra.

In Karimnagar, local lawyers held a rally in support of the CPI Poru Yatra. Local women welcomed the yatra with Bonalu and Batukammalu in Mulkanur, Husnabad and Karimnagar. CPI cadre and members of the party’s people’s organizations held a huge motorcycle rally in Karimnagar town.

CPI state secretary castigated the state and central governments over the inordinate delay in Telangana state formation.


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