Is Hyderabad Metro in a real-estate scam?

The latest move by AP state government to extend the Nagole-Shilparamam Metro Rail route up to Raidurgam and allocation of 15 acres of prime land is really intriguing.

The activists opposing the Metro Rail have long been maintaining that this project is nothing but a mega real-estate scam. The latest move by AP state government only confirms the activists’ argument.

The sudden decision, and the reasons cited by the authorities for taking this decision, also raise serious doubts about the real intentions of the state government and L&T company.

The authorities version that they have taken this decision because the proposed site at Shilparamam station falls under a lake bed does not hold water. It is very clear that the real intention behind this decision is to award large swathes of prime real estate land to L & T.

The current decision is a major deviation from the Detailed Project Report and the Concession agreement and a clear violation of norms for such mega infrastructure projects.

Prof. Ramachandraiah, who is waging a struggle against Hyderabad Metro, termed this latest move by government as a vindication of what they have been saying all these days. He said this unilateral decision lacks transparency and they are planning to challenge it in the courts soon.

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