Government Releases Rs 44 Crore Input Subsidy for Drought-hit Ryots

Coming to the rescue of the beleaguered farmers, Telangana government on Wednesday released input subsidy for small and marginal farmers who lost their crops from 2010 to 2013 (erstwhile undivided Andhra) and also during February and March 2014.

Farmers in Telangana did not get the input subsidy, allegedly due to the negligence of the previous government and unfortunately the amount got lapsed. Now, the state government has released input subsidy to support the farmers who are struggling to sustain their lives due to prevailing drought conditions.

Two separate GOs were issued by the Disaster Management department and a total of Rs 44.15 crore was released.

The state government will pay Rs 21.71 crore to farmers who lost horticulture crops in Rangareddy, Medak and Mahbubnagar and other districts during 2010-13 years.

Though, previous government of united AP had sanctioned funds for the same, it could not release the money to the farmers. The amount could not be utilised and the fund got lapsed. Now, the state government has cleared the dues. District-wise break up of input subsidy released: Karimnagar Rs 15.44 crore, Warangal Rs 3.03 crore, Mahbubnagar Rs 5.82 lakh, Nalgonda Rs 1.3 crore, Nizamabad Rs 1.08 crore, Khammam Rs 65 lakh and Adilabad Rs 12.54 lakh. The total amount released for horticulture crops is Rs 21.71 crore.

District-wise input subsidy released for the months of February and March, 2014: Karimnagar Rs 58 lakh, Rangareddy Rs 87.28 lakh and Warangal Rs 22.44 crore. The total amount released for the agricultural crops is Rs 23.90 crore.

Source: The New Indian Express

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