Financial Bids for Rs 8,500 Crore State Drinking Water Project Opened

Officials on Wednesday opened the financial bids for the first phase of Telangana Drinking Water Programme works, mostly civil, worth around `8,500 crore.

Bids were invited for nine segments of works in the first phase. The L1 companies, as per the financial bids opened on Wednesday in nine segments, are: Mahbubnagar-Rangareddy segment contract value `3,931.54 crore. Megha Engg quoted 0.2 pc less. In the Jurala-Gadwala segment, the contract value is `417.98 crore and IHP quoted 0.60 pc less. In the Medchal segment, the contract value is `120.62 crore and Kaveri Infra quoted 1.2 pc less.

In the Nalgonda Tailpond segment, the contract value is `1,044.43 crore and GVPR Engg quoted 0.75 pc less. In the Sangareddy segment, the contract value is `380.25 crore and Pratibha Industries quoted 1.10 pc less. In Gajwel segment, for `550.32 crore work Megha Engg quoted 0.35 pc less.

In the Yellampalli-Mancherial-Khanapur segment, Koya & Company quoted 1.2 pc less for works worth `396.5 crore. In the Paleru-Warangal segment, Megha Engg quoted 0.4 pc less for `996.80 crore worth of works. In Warangal Metro segment, the contract value is `605.28 crore and NCC quoted 0.7 pc less.

Details of all these LI companies will be placed before a high-level committee which will scrutinise the details and take a decision on awarding the contract.

Phase-II Tenders

The officials opened the technical bids for the second-phase works on Wednesday. In the second phase of the project, tenders were invited in ten packages for works worth `14,000 crore. As many as 44 bids were filed by various companies.

Source: The New Indian Express

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