UNESCO recognises three traditional handloom Garments of Telangana.

Three traditional Garments – Siddipet Gollabama sarees, Himru and black rug were recognised as unique heritage of Telangana by the UNESCO. Of the 47 unique handloom traditions identified across the country, three from Telangana secured a place in the list under 21st century handlooms and traditional Indian garment preservation category.

Telangana is known for its rich handloom tradition producing unique garments with unique designs. However with the advent of ready-made industry and new fashions, many traditional handloom dresses lost public patronage. Of late the Telangana government Textiles department is making efforts to revive those traditions.

Siddipet yarn sarees and Himru are important. It was believed that Himru type clothes belonging to Persia were sported as Sherwani by the then Mughals Mohammed Bin Tuglaq and later by the Nizam rulers. Meanwhile, the shepherds traditionally weave and sport rugs made from black sheep hair that protected them in all seasons; they were sought after rugs by one and all in the olden days. Now the tradition declined as the craftsmen declined and due less public patronage these days.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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