CM Mr KCR greets Muslims on the eve of Ramzan festival.



CM Mr KCR greeted Muslims on the occasion of  of  Eid ul fitr.

The Muslim brothers should strive to protect the Ganga Jamuna tehjeeb, the hall mark of Hyderabad for centuries.
Greeting Muslims on the eve of their grand festival Ramzan, he said the TRS government has been aiding marriages of poor Muslim girls under Shaadhi Mubarak scheme by giving Rs 1,116 lakh ever since it came to power. It will continue to do so and launch more programmes.
Mr KCR also said the government also giving free coaching to Muslim youth to get into government jobs. They should utilise them and benefit.
CM Mr KCR desired that the Muslims who practise great discipline and austerity through Ramzan month should keep doing so all through the life and stand as an example to others.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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