Telangana state a haven for investments, minister KTR


Telangana IT and Industries Minister KTR said that many companies are coming forward to invest in Telangana due to the congenial atmosphere prevailing here for industries.
He was inaugurating another new plant at the Radiant Electronics Unit at Raviryala e-City in Rangareddy district’s Maheshwaram constituency. Speaking on the occasion, Minister KTR said, “We are proud to produce 50 lakh TVs from Radiant Company in the state of Telangana.” KTR claims that it is the largest LED TV company in the country, with world-renowned companies such as Samsung, WinePlus, Panasonic, Amazon Skyworth, Nokia and Motorola making the Radiant. Radiant employs more than 3,800 people. Although the unit initially planned to produce 4 lakh TVs per year, it is happy to grow to the level of producing 4 lakh TVs per month. This is a matter of pride for Telangana. The state government has set a target of creating two and a half lakh crore revenue and 16 lakh lakh jobs in the electronics manufacturing sector in the coming quarters. He said that Telangana was already on the rise in all spheres and that it was possible only with a stable government and a competent leader. According to company representatives, the reason for the 35-fold increase in the company’s revenue is due to the positive weather conditions prevailing in the Telangana government. There are no power cuts from past conundrums. Mr KTR clarified that we are providing quality electricity 24 hours a day to all sectors except the industry.

Mr KTR said that in the field of electronics manufacturing, there is a possibility of training children with SSC, Intermediate and ITI degrees and the state government has taken steps in that direction. He said if electronic manufacturing expands further, thousands of people will get employment opportunities. As many as 15,000 people are directly employed in Fab City. He said the number of 15,000 is expected to reach 40,000 in the coming year. In this way, we are making a multi-faceted breakthrough in Telangana in the software and hardware sectors as well as in the electronics sector. Over the next 10 years, we aim to improve the electronics manufacturing sector to around two and a half lakh crores in revenue and create 16 lakh new jobs. The arrangements are being made for this. There is a positive climate for business in Telangana. There is a stable government and a competent leader in Telangana.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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