Choose between prospering Telangana and anarchic Telangana : CM KCR tells people

Chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao said the BJP was disturbing the peace, law, and order in the state and people should be cautious.

Addressing an impressive public meeting after inaugurating the integrated collectorate complex in Ranga Reddy district on Thursday, he wanted to know if the BJP government at centre did one good thing for the people of the country.

Had Mr Modi been great, why he did not give free power to people or provide drinking and irrigation water like the Telangana government is doing?

The only agenda of BJP was to divide people, nurture hatred and come to power by hook or crook. That was what they have been doing by toppling democratically elected governments in nine states. They are now on the prowl in West Bengal, New Delhi, and others.

The BJP offered Rs 25 crore to each MLA belonging to AAP and is trying to unseat Aravind Kejriwal.

In Telangana, the foul-mouthed fellows are roaming around creating chaos and confusion. “Should we leave the Telangana state in the hands of these autocratic and fascist elements? Do we need these anarchic fellows to rule us? Telangana state is the result of hard struggle and I will defend it till my last breath,” Mr KCR said.

If god wills, the Telangana would play a key role in national politics and strive to unseat this despot Mr Modi.

The chief minister Mr KCR urged people to introspect and debate in their respective villages with learned what did the TRS do to them all these years. The welfare programmes and development of Telangana are peerless. Nowhere the in the country they are present including those states ruled by the BJP.

He wanted the people to chase away the religious fanatics from Telangana else the peaceful state would go into the hands of selfish fundamentalist forces. None can redeem the state later, Mr KCR pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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