Chidambaram, a useless umpire

Observing that Union Home Minister Chidamabaram was showing lack of wisdom by asking the State leadership to decide on the Telengana issue, T-JAC convener, Prof Kodandaram called Mr Chidamabaram a ‘useless umpire’.

Addressing a gathering at the Ambedkar Crossroads at Medak on Sunday, Kodanadaram said, “Maybe it is time for the people of Telangana to decide the issue once and for all as suggested by the ‘wise’ Union Home Minister.”

The T-JAC convener made it clear that the All People’s Protest that would begin from September 13 would be one that would be etched in history forever. He noted that the impact of this protest would be felt by one and all.

Prof Kodandaram also urged the Telangana leaders of the TDP and Congress to come forward boldly and declare their allegiance to the movement. He added, “If they do not do so, they would be answerable to the people of Telangana.”

TRS leader, Mr Harish Rao noted, “Though the Congress leaders claim to have resigned, they are yet to officially let go of their posts.” He noted that their two faced attitude would not go unnoticed.

Mr Harish Rao further demanded that the talks with the leaders of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema must seize and instead, the Congress must make its stand on Telangana clear in black and white.

Popular poet Nandini Sidha Reddy, popular singer Desapathi Srinivas, TRESMA leader Papi Reddy and members of Teachers Associations took part in the meet. TRESMA president, Jaipal Reddy presided over the meet. [HANS INDIA]

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