Telangana Roars At Karimnagar

By Thirmal Reddy Sunkari

The curtain raiser public meeting in Karimnagar, to support the ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ was a huge success.  Setting the stage for a complete shutdown, the massive meeting was attended by over 10 lakh people from across Telangana districts. All roads leading to Karimnagar were completely jammed by traffic for kilometers. Some leaders, including MLA Vinay Bhasker, had to leave their cars and reach the Kallem Yadagiri Reddy meeting camp on two wheelers.

Members of various political parties like TRS, BJP, CPI (ML) New Democracy and outfits representing teachers, NGOs, lawyers, private employees, students and ordinary people have attended the meeting in large nummbers.

Addressing the mammoth gathering, TRS supremo KCR asked the state Government not to mess with Sakala Janula Samme.  He warned that any such attempt will see the movement result into a fireball. He assured the various employee JACs of full support during the shutdown and called upon them not to rest until Telangana statehood is a reality. He reminded them that this is a now or never situation and if they failed, entire Telangana will be enslaved permanently to the Seemandhra exploiters.

Speaking on the occasion, political JAC chairman, Prof. Kondandaram asked everyone to bring life to a grinding halt in the region. He said that this Government was not ours and it had no business being in power when it has no interest in the region’s development. He explained this is not a strike just by employees, but an all out shut down to be made a success people from all walks of life.

The TNGO leaders also reiterated the fact that, GO 177 or ESMA will not deter them from going ahead with the Sakala Janula Samme. He said that their jobs are not valuable than the lives of the student martyrs. CPI (ML) New Democracy leader Suryam, reminded the gathering that no one need to tutor Telangana people on how to conduct movements and revolutions.

A couple from Vidharbha, demanding statehood for their region, has walked down all the way to Karimnagar to support the movement. They represented their plight by cuffing themselves in shackles and highlighted the exploitation of Telangana and Vidharbha.

The meeting ended with a vow to make the Sakala Janula Samme a grand success and realize the statehood dream for Telangana.

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