‘CBN’ an incorrigible Political Crook

By J R Janumpalli

Today, Chandrababu Naidu is perhaps the most notorious politician in the country. Thanks to the third front politics promoted by likes of his ‘sasur’ NTR. It has fawned this kind of dissolute regional satraps, all over India. He is ‘numero uno’ in this category. They are proving to be analogous to the ‘profligate’ politicians envisioned by Sir Winston Churchill for Indian democracy.

CBN’s political antecedents during the last 20 years are testimony to this. In his 9 years as CM, he has transformed the state into a fiefdom of his and his own social group, with all kinds of his reprobate scheming. He made himself and some of his own people forged ‘emirs’ and ‘barons’ at the expense of state exchequer. He wanted to create a permanent vote bank for himself, by intoxicating the minds of his party cadre with some weird and divisive political thoughts and bribing them with breadcrumbs from government funds, in his wacky political schemes.

In the bargain, he has politicized the very life of the voters.

He does not know the meanings of democracy, egalitarianism, welfare politics etc., He cannot talk or write meaningfully, on such concepts even a little on his own. He only comprehends that politics is a profession for power and is paranoid of political power. He seldom uses scrupulous means to achieve power. He is a usurper. He has catapulted in to real political power using his cinematic, maverick father-in-law and is now loathe leaving it.

If NTR was a political comet, CBN is a bad-effect left behind it. Bloated by the fluky rise in political power, he superciliously thinks that he is a political wizard and can play havoc in Indian politics.

For some time he felt he was not answerable to Central government. He tried his nonexistent economic wizardry on the state and brought the state on to the brink of bankruptcy. He plagiarized World Bank models with awful consequences. He spent lavishly on e-governance just to show that he is a progressive politician, while poverty grew like never before. He spent state funds freely for his publicity to project himself as the one of the most important politicians on the world stage. He gate crashed on to IT bandwagon and tried to create an impression on the uninitiated as if he has invented computer and IT.

Taking advantage of economic reforms, he has unleashed Government-corporate corruption with the active support and collaboration of his social group and created a handful of ‘robber-barons’ of his tribe in the state. He himself has graduated from a 2 acre parcel of land to multi-million rupee estates and bank accounts.

In all, he conceitedly tried to create a kind of ‘Banana Republic’ of yellow shirts within India, where he and his social group, known for counterfeit ideas, can rule the roost for a long time.

But he did not succeed.

The long hand of democracy caught him up after a great deal of damage to it. Now he is struggling in the opposition. But as his wont, he practices his unscrupulous politics with unabashed gusto using his ill-gotten money stashed away for the purpose, to regain his political power.

For, he is a compulsive political animal. His forte is crooked politics. Creating discord by design and manipulating it for his advantage is the ‘modus’ of his politics.

Nothing straight forward appeals to him. His student union politics, Zilla Parishad, State, Central political manipulations, speak loudly for his penchant for his creativity in political strife.

If there is any problem for him in the state, he runs to Delhi to foment third or fourth front politics. We all know how he has blackmailed BJP and used it for his benefit. Now he is manipulating Congress Party, playing very reprehensible politics to thwart the formation of Telangana State. He has created a T-TDP ‘falthoo’ dog squad, with his money and caste politics and using them in his ‘falthoo’ politics to spoil Telangana Movement.

Presently, his credibility is at its lowest ebb. His phony political image created by himself and his cohorts has taken a severe beating.

He is impatient and desperate to regain his last ground. He is trying to visit forcibly a few places in Telangana where he is not welcome. His exhibition of motorcades with hundreds of vehicles carrying his political goons with ’lathis’ and other lethal weapons; the escort of hundreds of Para military and police personnel; the nauseating spectacle of his men and police beating the protesters, speaks volumes of his political culture.

He also did this kind of ‘political goondagiri’ on lawyers at Indira park, on students at Parigi and in his ‘Mahanadu’. He with his cunning, is making his bête noir the Congress party to arrange for this kind of political raids on Telangana people. It is an insult to democracy and an affront to the self respect of Telangana people.

The Telangana JAC, except denouncing and making some curses did not do much to address this ignominy. The insults heaped on the students by TDP ‘goondas’ rankle the hearts of Telangana people. It is time to teach some concrete lessons to this lecherous politician. Let us make Warangal people to avenge these insults on 6th when he and his dog squad go there.

We should use everything under our command to make Telangana a ‘Waterloo’ for this incorrigible political crook.

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