BRS party will prove all critics and cynics wrong

Some sceptics posing as political analysts have been casting doubts over prospects of the BRS party in some vernacular television debates. They are hurling curses at CM KCR and his party. They argue that it has no support in any state and go on with their own arguments unmindful of KCR’s abilities.

There is a clear political vacuum in the country, according to minister Mr KTR. There is space for a new force and people have been waiting for new leadership. No party ever started very big. As the times progress, it slowly wins the faith of people cutting across the states.

One should remember that Mr KCR had done enough homework already. The BRS party began attracting leaders from other states including Andhra Pradesh much to the surprise of critics. Those pointing a finger at CM KCR and his national party should not forget that even the BJP had just two seats in Parliament once upon a time. Similarly every party will get its time to prospect, so also the BRS.

The arguments made by Mr KCR during the separate Telangana movement are being raked up now. The man who criticised them once can seeks votes there now?, they pose. They should remember that all Andhra people thanked CM KCR as their land rates suddenly went up and they could also expect some development now in the new state. They put up banners wherever CM KCR went in Andhra Pradesh.

Many political parties in the country struggle and thrive without the support of other parties. But BRS will have reasonably good support across the country and it will be seen at the time of elections. Either for academics or political analysts, it is wrong to hurl abuses and curses at the BRS.

One should welcome the change of leadership that the country urgently needs rather than discouraging those aspiring to give life and time to the country. Mr KCR himself said recently at a public meeting in Peddapalli, he has aged and has nothing to amass. He wanted youth to be socially conscious. People who cry should have little grace and patience to see our Telugu pride at national level.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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