TRS delivered its promise to Munugode people: Minister KTR

The fluoride problem was severe and pathetic and lakhs of people suffered physical deformities.
Neither Congress nor the BJP or any other party tried to solve it. Minister Mr KTR said it was the TRS party that promised and solved the problem within three years.

CM KCR was deeply hurt seeing the plight of fluoride victims during the  Telangana movement. He decided then to address it as soon as possible. The present BJP government failed to give Rs 18 but bought Congress MLA for Rs 18,000 crore. Both the Congress and BJP are least bothered about the people and their welfare. They are concerned only with their personal progress. They left the country without any governance.

Mr KTR lambasted the Congress and BJP leaders for their false propaganda and threats against the TRS party. He said they have nothing to fear.

Meanwhile the campaign by the TRS has been going vigorously in Munugode with MLAs and ministers touring all the villages to ensure victory of the party

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