BRS for revolutionary change in Indian politics: Giridhar Gamang

Veteran politician and former chief minister of Odisha, Giridhar Gamang said people of the country were looking for an alternative and he certainly feels that BRS will be the hope. For 75 years, neither the Congress nor the BJP did not do anything for the people. They failed to put to use the abundant natural resources for the good.

Being 9 times MP and 11 years as central minister and chief minister of Odisha, I have not seen a leader like KCR who is both visionary and committed for public welfare. He turned the newly formed state into a role model. The same model should reach everyone in the country, Mr Gamang said.

He said he has a long association with Mr KCR. He said he closely followed up the separate Telangana movement. During his long political career, he had seen people but not one like KCR with such great commitment. Seniority in politics is not a matter, he pointed.

Mr Gamang said he was impressed by the agriculture and agro-based industry development in Telangana. On Odisha politics, he said the present regime failed to meet the expectations of people while the BJP was eagerly waiting to grab power.

The people of Odisha are averse to BJP and they are looking for an alternative. Now the BRS safely landed there, certainly it will emerge as a good force.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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