BRS complains to ECI against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) has filed a complaint with the Election Commission of India against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The complaint alleges that during his recent visit, Rahul Gandhi violated election rules. 

In its letter the BRS party alleged that at the Thukkuguda public meeting on April 6, Rahul Gandhi made baseless references to the telephone tapping case without providing any evidence. The party demanded stringent action against him and his party, for making derogatory comments against BRS president KCR.

According to the model code of conduct, it is mandated to discuss only the policies of other parties, refraining from making statements that could tarnish an individual’s reputation. In the letter submitted to the ECI, the party expressed concern that Rahul Gandhi’s remarks linking KCR to the telephone tapping and accusing KCR of abuse of the police and intelligence agencies of the then state government. 

The BRS urged the Election Commission to take immediate action against Rahul Gandhi’s unfounded allegations that the police system was misused to tap thousands of people’s phones for financial gain. The party attached videos of Rahul Gandhi’s remarks to support their complaint.

The party clarified that its leader KCR has no involvement in the phone tapping case, and it is unlawful for Rahul Gandhi to comment on an ongoing investigation. The BRS accused Rahul Gandhi of making these remarks with the malicious intent to benefit his party, potentially influencing voters.

The BRS called on the EC to conduct a swift inquiry into Rahul Gandhi’s statements and demanded proof of his claims. BRS party urged the Chief Election Commissioner to stop Rahul from campaigning in the parliamentary elections for violating election rules. The party also appealed the ECI to take action on Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party. BRS party leaders Karne Prabhakar and Dasoju Shravan lodged the complaint with the Central Election Commission on behalf of the party.

Additionally, the BRS has lodged another complaint with the Election Commission against Minister Konda Surekha for her remarks on the same phone tapping issue, seeking action against her for violating the election code of conduct.