BJP is anti dalit: Minister Satyavathi Rathod.


Tribal Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod lashed out at BJP leaders accusing them of misleading people.

It was the CM KCR who upgraded tribal hamlets into gram panchayats. He allocated Rs 250 crore to provide electricity to tribal hamlets. It was disheartening to see many hamlets without power even after 75 years of independence. The TRS government is taking care of every community and accorded top priority to tribal welfare.

The BJP leaders were craving for power and resorting to false propaganda on TRS government. They are trying to claim credit for all achievements of the TRS government and chief minister KCR.

There were no roads, schools and hospitals in tribal hamlets that were in remote places. The TRS government improved the road network and brought light into the lives of tribals in separate Telangana state.

She urged BJP leaders to stop false propaganda and instead work for welfare of people.

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