Beware of seasonal diseases, public health officials tell people.


Typhoid, dengue, and Chikungunya are rising in the state and hence people should be careful, said director public health Dr Srinivasa Rao

According to him, the state recorded 1,184 dengue cases, 5,549 typhoid cases, 203 malaria, and 40 Chikugunya cases.

Typhoid cases are on the rise slowly and people should be very cautious. The Corona though not very risky in the present variant but the cases are slowly increasing. Those in the risk age group should take enough care.

 The director urged people not to approach private hospitals in case of dengue as they exploit the situation. All the medicines are made available at all government hospitals and people should only go to government hospitals in case of an emergency.

The public health department issued some do’s and dont’s to people to protect themselves from seasonal diseases. They are people are asked to keep their surroundings clean and ensure that there is water stagnation near their houses; water should be heated before consuming them to avoid contamination; food should be taken while it is hot; avoid roadside eating joints; they should sport mask compulsorily when they come out and approach any government hospital in case of any doubt.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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