Power charges in Telangana state are low compared to other states.


The Telangana state has been offering free round-the-clock quality uninterrupted power to the agricultural sector and charging low to the domestic and other consumers.

The Electricity Regulatory Commission data, compared to other states,  the Telangana government is charging a mere Rs 1.95 per unit for power consumption between one and 50 units, Rs 3.1 per unit between 51 and 100 units, and Rs 4.8 per unit between 101 and 200 units.

The BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh is charging Rs 5.5 per unit between one to 150 units and Rs 6 per u it between 151 to 300 units. Karnataka, another BJP-ruled state is charging Rs 4.15 per unit between one to 50 units and Rs 6 per unit between 151 to 300 units.

The Telangana region in united Andhra Pradesh witnessed power cuts and power holidays. The farming sector was badly affected and many small and medium industries were forced to close down for want of power. It rendered scores of people jobless.

After the formation of the separate Telangana state, the government headed by the chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao accorded top priority to correct anomaly and spent Rs 33,722 crore in the last eight years.

He also rejected the central government’s advice to fix agricultural motors and decided to offer free power to farmers come what may. After nationwide opposition, the centre had to withdraw its decision for now.

The BJP-ruled states Bihar, Assam, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Uttarakhand are charging more for power consumption.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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