Be ready for the climax, KTR tells BJP

Any amount of babble, profanities, or cheap tricks will not win any votes for the BJP and they should be ready for the climax in the 2023 elections, Minister Mr KTR said. Addressing a huge gathering at Sircilla attending the elected CESS directors’ charge assuming event, he said the BJP doles out five crore rupees to win this election but miserably failed to win even one seat.

“This is only a trailer, the climax is ahead,” he said amid cheating crowds. Belting out false promises, resorting to false propaganda and targeting BRS leaders day and day out will earn the party nothing but a humiliating defeat. Mr Modi himself ridiculed the very process of formation of Telangana and said termed its welfare measures as freebies, he said.

KTR challenged them to show one BJP-ruled state that is implementing the Rythu Bandhu, insurance to weavers, Kalyana Laxmi, pensions, and so on being implemented here in Telangana. What the Modi government did was only burden the people with rising prices and doling out crores to corporate companies.

When all the 14 former Prime ministers left the country with Rs. 56 lakh crore loan, Modi took it to Rs. 100 lakh crore burdening the people evening taxing an unborn child with a debt of Rs.1.2 lakh. Mr KTR cautioned people against falling prey to the empty promises being made by the BJP leaders else again the old days of despair and desolation will return to Telangana, he added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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