Amid cheering crowds, KTR mocks BJP leaders’ remarks

Minister Mr KTR who was addressing a huge public meeting at Sircilla had the crowds virtually in splits with his rebuttals. Referring to Bandi Sanjay terming Modi as God, the minister sought to know for whom Modi is god.

Is it for weavers who were taxed more GST? It is for the general public that life became harder with increased fuel prices. Is it for STs whose reservations were not accepted or is it for the country which was thrown into a debt trap?

Adding more punch lines to his eloquence, Mr KTR pointed out the ignorance of BJP minister G Kishan Reddy who went on claiming that Modi invented the Covid vaccine that left the crowds virtually in splits.
Another highlight was when Mr KTR referred to BJP’s claim that it was Modi who stopped the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war.

“When there is virtual fighting and tension over the border dispute between the two BJP-ruled states Maharashtra and Karnataka, nothing was done by the BJP-ruled Centre. They make this shameless false claim,” he laughed joining the crowds. There should be some limit to idolatry. Not everybody can be made an icon, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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