All eyes on KCR’s TV9 interview after 12 years

Today at 7 pm, Telangana public will be glued to television, TRPs will hit a new high, and online views will peak for any political interview. BRS President KCR will be going live today on TV9 news channel with popular journalist Rajinikanth.

It marks KCR’s first TV interview after a gap of 12 years with the TV9 and a first one after Telangana formation. Last time, in 2012, KCR was on live in TV9 studio during the Telangana movement. The video clips of those interview are still viral on social media platforms.

Today, KCR is expected to answer a slew of questions, counter allegations on the BRS Party, and expose the ‘misrule’ of the Congress party. KCR’s supporters, fans, and general public alike are looking forward to this higly anticipated interview.