After Modi meetings, BJP’s situation worsens

They say. in politics, there are no murders, but only suicides. BJP in Telangana is a classic case of how a political party with strong cadre and an opportunity to grow, has literally dug its own grave.

The first major folly of BJP was to enter into an electoral alliance with TDP, which is considered as a rabid anti-Telangana party. This in spite of stiff opposition from its state President and leaders from 10 districts in Telangana.

And to make the situation worse, the BJP has roped in another Telangana-hater movie actor Pawan Kalyan. It is a known fact that Pawan Kalyan, in his earlier avatar as Prajarajyam Party leader, has deceived Telangana people, after promising that his party wouls support statehood.

Last week Pawan Kalyan spoke in a couple of BJP meetings. He continuously targeted Telangana leadership in his speeches. His meaningless rant only succeeded in irritating several Telangana people.

To make matters worse, Narendra Modi, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, has further damaged the BJP’s prospects with his comment that “Congress has killed the mother (AP), to give birth to the baby ( Telangana). Obviously many Telanganites, and even hardcore fans of BJP and Narendra Modi were offended with this remark.

The reaction on Social Media was instant. Several Telangana netizens openly denounced the public utterances of Pawan Kalyan and Narendra Modi.

Many Telanganites, who initially thought of voting for BJP in MP election, are now saying they would prefer TRS over BJP, which is under heavy influence of anti-Telangana lobby.

The turnout for Modi’s Hyderabad meeting has also come under serious scrutiny by BJP’s national leadership. While Modi’s meetings across the country are drawing good crowds, the meeting in Hyderabad was a damp squib, with only about 25,000 people attending it. The galleries in LB Stadium were totally empty, to the dismay of many mediamen and BJP leaders.

Perhaps understanding that the BJP’s prospects are only worsening day by day, senior BJP leaders like Rajnath Singh have cancelled their meetings planned in Telangana this week.


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