Affordable and accessible: Telangana now an undisputed leader in medical education

There was a time when medical education was only accessible to the affluent. Getting an MBBS seat was considered an arduous task. Things changed as Telangana became a separate state, gradually medical education became affordable and today it is well within the reach of a common man under the visionary leadership of CM KCR.

Now, Telangana stands tall at the number one position in the country in per-capita availability of medical seats. CM KCR’s firm resolution to establish a government medical college in every district is the force behind this revolutionary transformation.

Telangana added 12 new government medical colleges in just eight years after the state formation. Before the state formation, the Telangana region had only five government medical colleges. 1,150 new MBBS seats were up for grabs this year with an addition of 8 new government medical colleges. All the colleges are completely funded by the state government.

This academic year, 19 MBBS seats were available for every one lakh population making Telangana the top state in per capita availability of MBBS seats and the second top state in PG seats. Telangana now has a total of 6,690 MBBS seats in 42 medical colleges.

Very soon, the state will have a government medical college in every district. This step will shape Telangana as an undisputed leader in making medical education affordable and accessible to every section of society.

With an increase in seats and 85% reservation for locals in place, the B-Category seats are available even for a NEET rank of 8.78 lakhs. Last year, due to the absence of a local reservation, Telangana lost almost 60% of seats in the B-category to students belonging to other states.

But in 2022, 1,071 seats out of 1,267 B-category MBBS seats were grabbed by Telangana students. And the most remarkable achievement to be noted is that almost 63% of the total MBBS seats were grabbed by girl students.

Also, a whopping 35% increase in seats compared to last year has reduced cutoff marks in all categories. Thus giving opportunities to more aspiring doctors and helping the state realise KCR’s dream of ‘Aarogya Telangana’.

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