Why is BJP celebrating transfer of MLAs’poaching case to CBI: KTR fires at Kishan Reddy

Bharat Rashtra Samithi working president KT Rama Rao came down heavily on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Union Minister Kishan Reddy for celebrating the high court’s verdict of transferring the MLAs’ poaching case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and for calling it ‘BJP’s victory’. Posing a number of questions to Kishan Reddy, KTR said the true colours of the BJP leaders came out.

KTR said, “When the accused Swamijis were caught openly, you said you had no connection with them and now when the case is transferred to the CBI, you are celebrating it. Is it because the case is now with your puppet agency?”

The minister questioned if they have no connection with the accused why did they move the court multiple times and interfered in the investigation. “You are now publicly claiming that the BJP will get a clean chit as the case is with CBI. This only proves how the central investigation agencies are compromised in the ruling of the BJP,” said KTR. He remarked that earlier, the accused used to feel afraid if the case got transferred to the CBI, but now they are celebrating.

KTR added that the BJP has overtaken the Congress party in misusing the investigating agencies. “Earlier, people used to call the CBI ‘Congress Bureau of Investigation’, but now people are calling it ‘Central BJP Investigation’,” he said. KTR dared Kishan Reddy if they are ready for a narco analysis and lie detector test on the accused so that the BJP’s relationship with the accused will be clear.

KTR said that the crooked BJP is behaving as if they can do anything with the power. “We don’t have any need to denounce the BJP. They were already denounced by the public itself for their eight-year rule,” he said. The minister added that as the BJP doesn’t have any achievement on their name to claim they are resorting to vicious propaganda on the opposition parties. “Is it not true that your party is poaching MLAs and toppling the democratically-elected state governments?” the minister questioned. He added that the BJP’s Operation Lotus failed miserably in Telangana and got they are caught red-handed.

KTR said that the nation knows how the investigation will be done by BJP’s puppets. “BJP can’t escape the punishment in the people’s court,” he said. KTR added that the country is waiting for the right time to give a befitting answer to the BJP.

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