Aap ki jeet…

By: Phanindra Rao Nooli

Dilli tak chalne walon ko bahut dekha hai….!
Ab pehli baar Dilli ko chalaane waalon ko dekha hai….!

We have witnessed history being scripted here in India. Delhi, being the heart of political India, has taught the leading national parties that “Nobody is invincible”. That’s the spirit of democracy. Though Delhi’s result cannot be extrapolated onto national level, it surely does have enough lessons for entire India and especially Telangana to learn.

Why Delhi result is important?

  • Because Delhi is the seat of Decision making in India.
  • Its happening after a decent time for measuring national Policy of the newly elected Union Govt. So it’s (in a way) a Short-time Performance Appraisal Report
  • Being the National Capital, Delhi’s demographics include people from all parts of India who carry the sentiments of the people back at their home states.
  • Majority of Delhi are the educated and the middle class people. So a lot of thinking goes behind each and every vote; This phenomenon, I’m sure, will catch up to all other states as India gets more urbanized in the years to come.

What actually happened?

  • Congress, after being in power for 15 years has drawn a Big ZERO. This is a tight slap on the face of is leadership and a warning bell to their think tank that unless if they take some bold decisions and do something drastic like shunning the dynasty politics taking harsh decisions on their leaders who have corrupt or criminal background, India is going to reject even if they are angry on BJP. So, its either wake-up or die moment for them.
  • The BJP, having performed so well before the general elections and coming into power, created a lot of hopes and aspirations amongst the Educated and middle class sector in India. They were burdened by their own weight of promises like “Black Money, Transparency, Discipline”, etc.
  • W.r.t. the Black money issue, the BJP must admit one of the two following things (i) Black Money cannot be brought back. Or (ii) Black Money should not be brought back. In either case, the BJP has disappointed the nation and especially Delhi as it was the hub in the revolt against corruption and Black money courtesy Anna, Arvind & Baba Ramdev Ji. The lethargy shown by the BJP govt in naming the “Black Dogs” has irated the nation. Also, no efforts were made to de-tag the “Rape-Capital” tag for Delhi.
  • The cadre of BJP was deeply disheartened when Kiran Bedi, their nemesis last year, was made their boss by the BJP high command. And Ms Bedi’s “Dictatorial Leadership” rubbed salt on their wounds.
  • So for the BJP, Its “PERFORM OR PERISH” moment
  • AAP’s victory is a combination of Three major factors viz-aviz., (i) Congress at its all-time low (ii) Overconfident BJP (iii) AAP’s connect with the educated and middle class.
  • The major difference between the Victorious party and the losers was that the candidates contesting for AAP could not have contested from any other party while the candidates contesting for BJP/Cong/etc are all from the same genre and given a chance, they can contest from any of the parties.

It’s a clear indication that India is on the verge of a paradigm shift. Shift from Lethargy + Lathi charge type of governance to Honest + Hartaal type of Governance. This has a greater significance in our Telangana State because the thought process of people who backed the AAP in Delhi and the people who backed the TRS here is exactly same.

Good Thinking opened up the opportunities for Good Possibilities. But Delhi is more Urbanized, Educated and Developed than Telangana. An average Telanganaite is underprivileged in many Facilities, Opportunities and Exposure. So the onus of ensuring that the promises are delivered lies in the hands of the educated class of the society. Thus I request all the educated and enlightened netizens of Telangana to gear-up and brace themselves for more hard work as we have to cover-up for the rest of our brotherhood.

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