You have a golden heart, says a Bangalore resident to Mr KTR

A resident of Bangalore city Mr Venkat in his Twitter  message heaped praises on Telangana IT minister Mr KTR.
Having observed Mr KTR reaching out to the poor especially helping the needy in Healthcare services, Mr Venkat said “you have a golden heart sir”.
In his response to the message, Mr KTR thanked him for his gesture and said none is going to be here forever and even those trying to help others are limited by resources. “I am doing to the best of my ability”, he said.
Indeed it may be noted that several times people in need reach out to Mr KTR on Twitter seeking his help, not just hospital needs, even for other purposes such as education fees.
It may be the Punjabi girl recently or two girls here in Telangana who got medical seats but were unable to get admission due to financial difficulties, they all got necessary or even more than needed help from Mr KTR.
Infact, spotting talent or need and helping  them out has become a known trait of Mr KTR and it made him very popular.
Mr KTR who was seen as aggressive on the field during the separate Telangana struggle, has groomed himself to be a more matured and humble being. He could develop enormous patience now and endeared himself as darling of the masses over the years.
It would do him good if he tours the villages across the state which helps him connect with people particularly the younger generations.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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