Revolt in Congress party!

The topic of the country is now: Will the Congress party collapse and become part of the history of the country?

The senior leaders of the party closeted at Ghulam Nabhi Azad to discuss post-poll scenario in five states after March 10.
Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is said to have asked the leaders to prepare a list of those wishing to leave the party. It’s a loss to both the leaders who enjoyed and benefitted much from the party for decades and to the party that is facing crisis owing to the unity of command within the party. The Congress party always reflected its inclusiveness in every step, be it cabinet formation or its much-benitted decisions such as massive waiver of loans, MNREGS, right to information act, and so on.
The Congress cabinet at centre always had a wide variety of people the Harvard educated to an ordinary constable.
But the present regime does not reflect its slogans or ideology of Sabke saath Sabke vikas.
It is time for the Congress party to rejuvenate itself and strengthen the party by looking up at strong regional parties like TRS in Telangana, DMK in Tamilnadu etc.
Mr Rahul Gandhi should also adopt a change of approach towards leaders in states heading different political parties.
He should shed his colonial and royalty-like approach if the party and family should enjoy the clout it had done since the independence of India. He can learn a lesson or two from Mr. KCR who mingled with people touring every possible village, eating whatever he got and slept in humble huts only to deliver the much aspired separate state for the region by the four crore population for six decades.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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