Wither ‘CZARS’ of Corruption!

J R Janumpalli

It is good that the ‘CZARS’ of corruption are being brought to book one by one. The Jagan’s CBI enquiry is accelerated by Congress Party and CBN in collusion, with a political vendetta. It might shed some light on looting of Telangana by YSR.But, both Congress Party and CBN will not go all the way to expose the total extent of exploitation of Telangana by YSR and Jagan in their corrupt practices. The selective enquiry in EMMAR properties case is a pointer in this regard. Because, total exposure will definitely drag Congress and CBN inevitably in to the morass. For, first CBN and then YSR and Congress adhishtanam are the actual scourge on Telangana. In reality, more or less the theme of government corruption in A.P. is the looting of Hyderabad and Telangana resources. Everybody knows that, C.B.N, YSR, the corrupt ‘CZARS’ of andhra, have built their illegitimate empires on the lucre from Telangana.

One should seriously note that the action against Jagan is not taken as part of the legal mechanism of ‘Law of the Land’. As a matter of fact Congress Party and CBN have embarked on this with a clandestine connivance, for their political witch hunting. Both of them are acting in this as the ‘primadonnas’ of virtue. In reality, both of these entities   are involved deep in this ‘government corruption’. For us, it is not what is needed, to expose just enough for the political annihilation of Jagan. The whole gamut of Government corruption by CBN and YSR in league with Congress adhishtanam is to be brought in to the open. It will expose the real ‘modus operandi’ of the model of ‘Corporate Corruption’ invented and unleashed by these ‘CZARS’. This will reveal to whole of the nation why Telangana people are struggling in this decade old fight for separate state against these andhra colonialists.

From the beginning, Telangana struggle is a campaign against this government corruption. Now in the light of Anna Hazare’s crusade against government corruption, we should make it our main plank and expose how this government corruption has debilitated the life of Telangana people. Our avowed endeavor should be to expose the principal actors in this heinous crime – CBN, Congress High command along with Jagan and their cohorts. We should circumvent this selective exposure and find ways to bring to book all the ‘Thugs and Pindaris’ of this corruption. If we can bring to book CBN the king of government corruption and prosecute him in this mêlée of exposure, our Law of Land can reclaim some of its lost credibility and Telangana will be avenging the treason by this, modern day ‘Saindhava’.

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