Who is responsible for Telangana’s Power Woes – 1

Power shortage is proof of how Telangana was discriminated in erstwhile AP

Ever since Telangana state came into being on June 2nd 2014, power shortages have become a regular affair. And the anti-Telangana lobby is trying to blame the nascent Telangana government for the power shortage. Congress and TDP parties, which were ruling Telangana for the last six decades, and are directly responsible for the power situation, are now trying to blame TRS government, which is barely 4 months old.

This is a classic case of blaming the victim!

In fact the deliberate discrimination meted out to Telangana state in power sector was one of the main reasons that fueled the statehood agitation. Telangana activists and leaders have time and again showed several examples of how rulers of erstwhile AP have ensured Telangana remains a power-deficit region, and dependent on power supplied from Seemandhra region.

Sample this glaring example that proves how Telangana was discriminated in a united state. Seemandhra has more thermal power production than Telangana, even though Telangana has one of the largest coal mines in India. Coal was transported at huge cost to thermal plants set up in Seemandhra, and the power was supplied back to Telangana. This only increased the power production cost and made Telangana dependent on Seemandhra to meet its power needs.

Nedunur Gas Based Power Plant in Karimnagar, Telangana was accorded all permissions in 2002. But even after 12 long years, the rulers of erstwhile AP did not allot gas to this plant. Same is the case with Shankarpally Gas Based Power Plant in Ranga Reddy district, Telangana. This plant got all requisite permissions in 2000, but no gas allotments were made for 14 long years.

But, during the same time scores of gas-based power plants in Seemandhra were allotted gas. These include GVK Jegurupadu Power Plant, GMR Vemagiri Power Plant, Gauthami Power Plant, Konaseema Power Plant, Lanco Kondapalli were given gas linkages and were completed within few years.

During the statehood agitation, TRS party, Telangana JAC, Telangana Electricity Employees JAC (TEEJAC) and several Telangana organizations and activists have exposed the discrimination meted out to Telangana in united AP.

TEEJAC has brought out several publications explaining the various instances of deliberate neglect of Telangana power projects and the brought out the conspiracy to make Telangana permanently dependent on Seemandhra for electricity.

[To be continued]

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