Whirlwinds uproot CM Kiran’s tent in Parakala

Photo: Chaotic scenes at CM’s meeting at Gudeppaad in Parakala

CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s anti-Telangana statements on Warangal soil invited the wrath of mother nature. His election campaign meeting ended abruptly as strong winds uprooted the tents and created chaos at Gudeppaad village in Parakala assembly constituency.

Earlier in the day CM Kiran Kumar Reddy showed his true colors by saying that Telangana statehood movement is only temporary and his “development” is permanent.

He went on to say that it was unfortunate that the Telangana statehood movement was becoming strong in spite of the “development” his government was doing.

And the mother nature did not react kindly to CM Kiran’s insensible statements on Telangana.

As soon as CM Kiran stood up on the dais to speak, even before he could begin his election speech, power broke down due to strong winds. Soon enough, it started raining and the tent poles began to give way. Police and security personnel tried to save the tents by holding on to the poles, but the strong winds brought down the tents and people had to run helter-skelter. Few people also suffered injuries in this commotion.

This is the second time that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy had to beat a hasty retreat without even delivering a speech in Warangal district. In 2011, CM’s meeting at Rayanigudem village was disrupted by valiant student soldiers from Kakatiya University.

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