Cong MPs ready to quit party, posts for T: Madhu Yashki

MP Madhu Yashiki said that he was ready to quit Congress and the MP post for the cause of achieving separate Telangana . He expressed hope that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi would take a decision in favour of separate Telangana by July. Or else, he would quit the party.

The Nizamabad MP participated in `Walk for Telangana’ programme in the town on Sunday. Several Telangana activists and students asked him to quit the post for the cause of Telangana. They raised slogans against him.

Replying to their queries, Madhu Yashki expressed his resentment over the inordinate delay in taking a decision by the Centre in this regard. He said this problem has been troubling the people of the region for the past two-and-half years.

He expressed hope that the party high command would take a decision in favour of Telangana by July. If it was not announced by the UPA Government by July all the eight Congress MPs from the region would quit the party and also their posts, he said.

He said that several other leaders knew what he was contributing for the cause of Telangana. He asked the Telangana activists and youth not to resort to suicide for Telangana. The youth should only continue their agitation for separate state, he advised.

The central has been delaying the issue for the past two-and-half years, he regretted. Political JAC leader Gopal Sarma, TNGOs district president Gaini Gangaram and other student leaders participated in the programme. [The HANS India]

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