We want unconditional Telangana: KCR

“If the union government tries to impose any conditions on Telangana, then TRS would launch a severe agitation” warned TRS supremo KCR.

He cited the example of over 20 lakh Telugus living in Mumbai and about lakhs of people living in US. “Will you keep special laws based on perceived fears of someone?” asked KCR.

He was addressing the TRS state party executive committee meeting.

“Telangana should be created in the way rest of the states in this country were created. The safety of Telangana citizens is the responsibility of Telangana government. “The attempt by central government to take over the law & order of Hyderabad into its hands is an insult to Telangana government”

“What we want is a clean Telangana. There are more Seemandhras living in 9 districts of Telangana, than in Hyderabad. Who will look after their safety? Seemandhras settled in Telangana region are even winning as Sarpanchs and MPTCs today. They feel they are an integral part of Telangana.

The central government should not create new problems by putting conditions on Telangana.

We would be conducting a huge public meeting in November to increase pressure in central government” said KCR.

He also clarified that TRS would not think of merger with Congress until the statehood bill is passed in the parliament.

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