We Are Not Amused Lok Satta!

We now accept that Lok Satta is in fact different from traditional political parties. The difference is, its leaders can’t cover up their lies like traditional political parties.

When Mission Telangana questioned “Is JP Just Another Political Chameleon?” , senior leaders at Lok Satta tried to lie and cover up the issue raised by us.

And when we presented more proof and posted a follow up article – “One LSP Lie Leads To Many…” , the Lok Satta guys made one more attempt to lie.

Lok Satta representative Sundeep Pattem gave this explanation:

The banner used was prepared by local cadre of Lok Satta and erroneously mentioned the ‘Sakala Janula Samme’. While the anti-corruption protest was meant to bring together everyone (Sakala Janulu), the banner gives the wrong message. This clarification was also given to TRS cadre who questioned the same during the campaign. Geetha Murthy garu regrets the oversight, accepts it as a mistake, and yet again clarifies it is not representative of the party’s beliefs.

She was misreported in the Newsline clip provided by us on However, we are retaining it with this clarification and facing up to the oversight on our side. We are committed to avoid such a situation in future.
Hmm, so Mission Telangana dug further to understand if this was indeed a case of ‘mis-reporting by media’ as LSP representatives claim.
So, here is what we got. Below we provide the news coverage of Andhra Jyothy and Surya newspapers for the same issue.
If you read carefully, both the news reports say Lok Satta supports Sakala Janula Samme. Yet, LSP representative Sundeep Pattem wants us to believe that that the newsclip that we had posted earlier was a case of ‘misreporting’
Now that is what happens if you try to fool people continuously. We understand LSP is not a conventional political party and it shows from your feeble attempts to hide the truth.
The lesson that Lok Satta leadership should learn now is, that the people of Telangana are not as gullible as you perceive them to be.
People of Telangana know fully well that statehood is not panacea for all problems.
Previous speeches and writings of Nagabhairava Jayaprakash Narayan indicate that he is just another Seemandhra politician supporting the anti-Telangana movement.
But, we are still interested in knowing Lok Satta’s stand on the Telangana statehood issue.
No, we are not demanding that Lok Satta should support Telangana statehood. It can very well choose to vote for a united state as CPM party has done. We are just not amused by this “hunting with the hounds and running with the hares” game that TDP, Congress and YSR Congress have been doing since the last 2 years.
Beating round the bush and giving intellectual speeches from a pulpit wont soothe the burning hearts of Telangana people.

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