One LSP Lie Leads To Many…

What happens when LSP guys try to lie? They fail miserably and start a series of lies to cover up the original lie.

So, when Mission Telangana exposed the double standards of Lok Satta in this article (Is JP Just Another Political Chameleon? –, some LSP workers and Nagabhairava’s fans immediately came running and offered us a silly explanation.

Senior LSP leader Kongara Gangadhara Rao had this to say:

“The banner that is posted here is prepared by local LSP activist and instead of going for a new banner to be prepared in the eleventh hour, Githa Murthy might have continued with the same. And it need not be looked under microscopic scanner”

but, we knew that was not the truth.

So, we went digging and here is what we found on the Lok Satta Banswada blog (

Quite obviously, the Lok Satta unit of Banswada, Nizamabad is collecting the news clips of all the programs its doing. And inadvertently, they have archived this important newsclip that would nail the lies of Lok Satta biggies like Kongara.

This proves beyond doubt that LSP is no different from traditional political parties when it comes to double standards on Telangana.

Have anything else to say LSP folks?

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