VMS tries to target Mission Telangana, Scores self-goal

By: Konatham Dileep

The guys at Vishandhra Maha Sabha were pretty annoyed when I exposed their poisonous propaganda on Telangana. So, leaving Telangana aside for a moment, the VMS team headed by Prakala Prabhakar decided to spit venom on me and Mission Telangana team.

But, they scored a self-goal by trying to target us.

Here is the story.

On November 9th, some media houses reported that the Congress party spokesperson has said that even Telangana issue would be brought under the 2nd SRC. Some media houses like The Hindu even tried to put quotation marks in their headlines, implying that Rashid Alvi in fact said those exact same words.

We at Mission Telangana tried to bring out the truth behind what the official spokesperson of Congress Party, Mr. Rashid Alvi had said on 2nd SRC and Telangana. (

TV9 channel had telecast the said interview. And the video proves beyond doubt, that Rashid Alvi was trying to say that Telangana is a separate issue and does not come under the proposed 2nd SRC.

Even, when repeatedly questioned by the journalists, Alvi kept repeating that Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad is looking into the Telangana issue.

Here are his words from the video:

“As far as Telangana is concerned, in-charge general secretary of Andhra Pradesh Congress Party is looking into the matter, and you may ask this question straight to general secretary.”

Q: Is Telangana part of the Country?

Rashid Alvi: “Yeah, of course, Telangana is part of the whole country, but because Telangana is ..telangana kyunke issue jo chal rahaa hain, is liya, telangana matter is already being looked into by the general secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, so you may ask this question straight to general secretary, about the Telangana”

Q: Is it an exception, Telangana?



Rashid Alvi: It is not an exception, because it is going on, so naturally already general secretary in-charge of Congress Party looking into it, so this question may be asked (to) general secretary.

But, the guys at VMS did what they are good at. Twist news to suit their purpose. They wrote an article on their website claiming that Mission Telangana misreported Rashid Alvi ( What’s more, they did not have the sense to post a link to the original Mission Telangana article, they were referring to.

And on 18th November, the same Rashid Alvi gave a clarification that he never said that Telangana issue should be referred to 2nd SRC.

Here’s what is reported in DNA newspaper on 19th November.

However, Alvi clarified that the party did not want the Telangana issue to be mixed-up with the second SRC. “The demand for a separate Telangana to be carved out from Andhra Pradesh has been pending for quite a long time and our general secretary is looking into it separately. This has nothing to do with the second SRC,” he added.


We understand that passing off half-truths as facts is the modus operandi of these VMS guys. And they tried to do the same once again. Only to fall flat on their face.

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