White Gem of Hyderabad

The majestic Assembly building that will complete 100 years by next year is an architectural marvel that stands testimony to the unique style of the period – a synthesis of Rajasthani and Persian

Every visitor to the city is fascinated by the grandeur of the legislative assembly and if he gets to see it at night especially when it is fully lit, the white gem has no parallel.

An imposing structure would be completing hundred years in another two years. Like several wonderful buildings constructed during the Asaf Jahi period, the Andhra Pradesh State legislative Assembly too was built during the period of the sixth Nizam, Mir Mahboob Ali Khan.

The construction was taken up in 1905 as part of his 40th birthday celebrations and was completed eight years later, in 1913.

The Nizam dedicated it to his people, who too contributed funds for its construction. Apart from maintenance works and some alterations over decades, the main building is still in its original condition.

A fine synthesis of two styles

The building is a testimony to the unique style of the period; it represents a synthesis of the Rajasthani & Persian Style. The Indo-Islamic structure which incorporates features of Rajashani and Persian architecture is a major landmark in the city.

It now houses the state Assembly and entry is restricted to pass holders when the House is in session. At other times, visitors are allowed by permission from the officials concerned.

Assembly library

The legislature library within the premises of Assembly has over 20,000 books and also proceedings of the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly & legislative Council & the Lok Sabha.

This library exclusively meant for the members of the legislative council and assembly. However general public also can get their information on request. It is the treasure house of uncountable books. The citizens of Hyderabad raised money to build it and today major decisions that can have a bearing on the people are taken here inside the building.

Courtesy: The HANS India

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