TV9 staff caught red-handed with Jagga Reddy’s election bribes

TV9 staff were caught red handed in a function hall with cellphones and cookers procured to distribute to voters in Sangareddy assembly constituency. The Congress candidate from Sangareddy, Jagga Reddy fled from the function hall as city police and election officials raided it.

Hyderabad Police have seized hundreds of cellphones and cookers and other material at Gun Rock Gardens in Secunderabad. They have also seized a vehicle belonging to TV9 channel and also arrested a channel’s employee.

These cellphone and other material were procured to distribute to voters in Sangareddy constituency.

Jagga Reddy is a known for his rabid anti-Telangana statements. He has become a darling of anti-Telangana lobby because of his opposition to Telangana statehood.

This incident exposes how anti-Telangana lobby is working overtime to get their stooges elected in Telangana state.

TV9 channel’s real face is also clearly exposed one more time with this incident.


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