TV9 and NTV use false video from Rajasthan to malign Telangana Police!

Some media houses continue to show their over enthusiasm to show Telangana state in poor light. Latest case in point is the alleged police highhandedness in Mominpet Police Station in Vikarabad district.

Both TV9 and NTV have repeatedly telecasted a video since yesterday and claimed that video captures the Mominpet incident.

However, on closer scrutiny, it was found out that the video is from an incident which happened in Rajasthan state almost an year back.

See the original video here:

This is not the first time that some news channels have deliberately tried to tarnish the image of Telangana state. Starting from the statehood movement days, channels owned by anti-Telangana forces have always tried to portray the movement in poor light. They had deliberately given less prominence to movement related news and continuously aired propaganda against the movement.

Even after the formation of the state, some newschannels seem to be following the same path. In fact cable operators in the state had stopped airing TV9 and ABN for several months due to the continuous and malicious propaganda they were indulging in.

The latest case of Rajasthan incident video being misrepresented is another classic case of how some channels continue to adopt unethical means to malign Telangana.

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