TRS clearly ahead in Munugode going by the public mood

The exit polls, surveys and public mood clearly indicate a victory for the ruling TRS party in Munugode. The BJP leaders in desperation tried till the last minute to influence the voters. They even resorted to violence.

However, the TRS leaders and party workers kept their cool all through as they were confident of victory from the beginning. The presence of Mr KTR enthused the party cadres and gave new fillip to the election campaign.

The presence of CM KCR also drew huge crowds indicating the public mood in favour of the ruling TRS party. He constantly monitored the situation closely countering the BJP’s tricks and conspiracies.
As the counting is scheduled on November 6, there was a kind of tension and suspense all over. People all over the state and beyond are eagerly waiting for the outcome of Munugode.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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