TNF – The online brigade of Telangana movement

TNF is a diversified group of netizens from across the world, who belong to Telangana – one of the most deprived regions of India.

Telangana – once a region rich with wealth and culture, was marginalized by their own brothers from Seema-Andhra region. This mindless exploitation of Telangana by Seema Andhra reached its peak when the AP assembly, under Nara Chandra Babu as CM, has banned the word “Telangana” itself. Having sensed the danger of extinction of a Language, a Culture, a Heritage and most important of all, The IDENTITY…, a leader named K Chandrasekhara Rao has revived the spirit of Telangana by founding a political party, the TRS. He was mentored by late Prof Jayashankar Sir, who dedicated his life for Telangana. Nothing substantial happened till almost a decade when KCR, having sensed that the Govts both at State & Central levels have betrayed Telangana, took the struggle for the formation of Telangana to a new high and changed it into a Revolt in 2009.

That was the time when social networking was becoming a tool for revolutions across the world. In 21st century, after the death of impartial journalism, Social Networking became the most preferred medium to express one’s thoughts and ideas. The educated Telanganaites, who had the access to the internet (Netizens) but were busy with their careers, were eager to find a way to join the agitation. It is these people who started spreading the Telangana Spirit over the internet.

Soon it was sensed that active participation of the educated youth is needed in both formation and rebuilding of Telangana.
The need for the ‘Online’ guys to agitate ‘On Roads’ intensified with the ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ (SJS), a call for General Strike given by the Telangana JAC. Hence, a few of most active Telangana Netizens, took out a rally in Hyderabad, the heart of Telangana, in support of the SJS. The success of this rally and the next few events like participating in The Hyderabad 10k Run for spreading the awareness about Telangana, participating in various events called by different Political Parties etc., strengthened the bond and belongingness of this ever expanding group of active Telangana Netizens.

The group later formed a registered entity called the Telangana Netizens Forum. TNF has always been stretching themselves and expanding to all parts of Telangana by doing what was the need of the hour whenever there were any events of historical importance like the ‘Elections’ (which in any democracy, stand as the proof of popular choice/need of people and the leaders they trust).

Photo: Team TNF campaigning at Parakala

TNF also volunteered to play its part in stopping suicides and gave hope to many who were on the verge of committing suicides by counseling them and guiding them in correct way. TNF gave a platform to anybody and everybody to interact with the top leaders of the movement, and understand all the WHYS, WHATS, WHENS, WHOS, HOWS of the movement.

TNF, knowing very well the importance of education, decided to help the poor students and provided them with books and other stationery. TNF so far has distributed these of worth Rs 2 lakh in almost 10 villages in Telangana. In continuation to their commitment towards rebuilding Telangana.

Photo: School students with free notebooks distributed by TNF

TNF proposes to carry forward their activities and achieve their dream of making Telangana the No. 1 state in the country; which sets an example of how a state should be and how the youth should be in India; so that the youth across the nation will follow suit and make India the No.1 country in the world.

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