Thought-provoking speech by TRS president & CM KCR



In his inaugural speech at the party plenary being held at the Hyderbad, the chief minister gave a thought-provoking speech by listing out the needs of the people.

First, he listed the achievements of the TRS government. How the party was formed and how it came to power. What the party did to the people.

According to him, the newly formed Telangana became a torchbearer to all other states including the central government through its people-friendly policies.

Later, Mr KCR detailed how the country is endowed with prosperity – natural resources, human resource, and other assets. However, the successive governments failed to tap them to the benefit of the people.

On the prevailing political situation in the country, he lashed out at the ruling BJP dispensation and how it resorted to cheap politics rather than delivering promises to the people. He only harped on dividing people everywhere just for political mileage. “Is it necessary to carry swords and other weapons in a spiritual procession?,” Mr KCR sought to know.

What happens when law and order decline in the country?

Later the chief minister also pointed out how the BJP is misusing the Governor’s institution. He has been creating a rift between the non-BJP chief ministers and Governors in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and elsewhere. He recalled the episode of the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr N T Rama Rao and who was deposed undemocratically using Governor Institution. Later the people stood by him and brought him back to power thumpingly.

Mr KCR also said there was a great demand for TRS to expand nationwide or form an alternate force to BJP. However, he did give any clarity stating that no front was needed against anybody but a front for people was needed for now.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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