They Insult Even Our Martyrs

Even death cannot assure a Telanganite’s honour. The dead body of a Telanganite has no more decency than that of an orphan. This was clearly evident from the orders given by an Andhra managed officer working in Andhra Bhavan in New Delhi. The martyred body of Yadi Reddy, who committed suicide in New Delhi over the indecisiveness on Telangana state formation, was treated in the most inhumane way possible.

The officer Rajat Bhargava simply passed orders (documented order) to his subordinates that the body should be sent to a crematorium and not to the AP bhavan. This was not even honouring the deceased’s family’s right to claim his body. This irated the Telangana leaders and they had a heated discussion with the resident commissioner, who inturn tried to pacify the leaders saying he was not present in AP bhavan when the orders were given.

Rajyasabha member, VH made a request to the officers to allow Yadi Reddy’s body into AP bhavan. While still assuring him about it, the officers made the Telangana leaders wait near the AP bhavan on the pretext of showing the body, but secretly sent it to the airport. Unfortunately the Telangana leaders could not even pay their last respects as the body was packed into the container in the airport. Apparently, the AP bhavan is totally dominated by Andhra officers, but this could not have been expected of them, considering death see’s no regional differences. What’s more appalling that non-Telugu officers are also acting without discretion against the Telangana cause.

Yadi Reddy’s body is expected to reach Shamshabad Airport at about 6:00 PM. A rally is being planned from Shamshabad airport to Gun Park.

By Thirmal Reddy Sunkari

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